Thursday, March 10, 2011

The day she turned 3 years old

Expect to read  many good things about my daughter in this entry.
If you feel irritated reading about me bragging writing about my daughter's achievements,well,I just can't help you at all.She deserves to be highly praised because she is my beloved daughter.So, click the 'X' red tab above if you find my entry too much for you to digest. Okay,I'll start now.
Marissa Amany
You have gone through many sufferings when dealing with eczema, bronchitis etc. I know it's hard to combat that itchiness you suffer.You're a strong girl you know. Not many children can go through the same suffering as you did.

Marissa Amany
Anak ibu yang solehah. I don't need to teach you dua's as you picked up so many from just listening.I  don't need to force you to recite your dua's as you would recite them willingly (walaupun ada pelat2).You will ask for your 'telekung' when you see me praying.

Marissa Amany
I don't need to force you to eat your veggies and fruits. You love carrot, eggs and banana the most.
Marissa Amany
Thanks for being that understanding daughter. You have matured well beyond children your age.

Marissa Amany
You are my everything, my soul, my heart. I love u so much!

Marissa Amany
I ask not much from you.
I want you to take a good care of yourself, be good.
I seek dua's from anak solehah when I leave this world.

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